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“The making of a cyber victim:

The psychology of cybersecurity”

Dr. Erik Huffman, CEO of Handshake Leadership


Learn ways to keep this from happening at your organization, and what to do if it does: 


Other topics:

  • Want to do business with the federal government? Learn how to meet federal cyber requirements.
  • Hear from the leaders of Wyoming’s Office of Homeland Security about what you need to know.
  • Learn from the winners of CyberWyoming’s annual competition.
  • A cybersecurity director will help you assess your cloud provider.
  • Wyoming was the first state in the region to offer cyber-technical apprenticeships. How is it going?
  • Learn how Microsoft and the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce partnered to establish a cyber business counselor service.
  • What questions should you be asking your I/T vendor?
  • Do you have cyber insurance? Is it enough?
  • What is the Wyoming Cybersecurity Action Network, and what can it do for you?

AND. . .

What happens when a company uses Legos to model complex solutions?

Click the image above for short video.

Scott Thompson is an expert in national cybersecurity, and he’ll demonstrate cyber techniques using … Legos. You’ll be talking about this presentation long after the symposium is over.

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About CyberWyoming

CyberWyoming is a nonprofit affiliate of CyberUSA and administrator of the Made Safe in Wyoming© program, which motivates and empowers business owners to meet best practices in cybersecurity. Made Safe in Wyoming was co-founded by Laura Baker, Patrick Wolfinbarger, and James Drever in June of 2017, but affiliated with CyberUSA in March of 2018 becoming CyberWyoming. Since then, CyberWyoming has founded the Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business and become an ISAO (Information Sharing and Analysis Organization), a registered Department of Labor Apprenticeship Office for the Cybersecurity Technician Apprenticeship a C-Market Champion (C for Cybersecurity), a Cyber Readiness Institute Champion, and started an Information Systems Security Association professional development chapter in Wyoming.

CyberWyoming’s vision is to build a community of non-technical leaders and mentors in Wyoming to carry forward cybersecurity awareness and increase business resilience in Wyoming and, as a result, we lead and are an active participant in the Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) committee.